FAQ: Husband-Wife Dispute

What is a Marriage?

Marriage is an institution under which a couple (man and woman) is ritually, socially, and legally recognized as husband and wife. Further, marriage establishes rights and obligations for each other; for their in-laws, for their children, and for all other needs and liabilities that may arise from certain conditions in their lives. 

What is Husband-Wife Dispute?

Because of communication gap or/and some misunderstanding, dissension may arise either in husband’s mind or wife’s mind or in a certain case, in both the minds. If it is resolved with due care, then no problem remains. However, if it is ignored, then it takes the form of a dispute known as a husband-wife dispute.

What are the causes of a Husband-Wife Dispute?

There may be number of causes of a husband-wife dispute ranging between a small issue (such as conflict in watching favorite show on TV at the same time, especially when husband’s and wife’s interests are different) to a big issue (such as having extramarital love affairs or/and utter negligence – either by husband or wife – not accepting the liability and responsibility of his/her marriage). 

However, following are some of the common causes of a husband-wife dispute:

  • Time management problem: Don’t have time to share with each other (it is common problem with the working couple – if both working).
  • High expectations from each other: This is a common problem of a love marriage.
  • Lack of mutual understanding: Not ready to accept each other’s problem. 
  • Excessive career oriented: If both the spouses are working and too much passionate about their career. Even in a case, if either husband or wife is working and too much passionate about his/her career; in such a case, there is the possibility of a conflict in their understanding. 
  • Lack of trust or skeptic: If any (or both) of the spouse has no trust or excessive skeptic – want details of every minute, it leads to a dispute. 
  • Lack of love: Excessive liabilities, high ambition, or sometime might be some other reasons, evaporate the passion of love. It is one of the major causes of a dispute. 
  • Extra-marital love affair: If a spouse is having love affairs with some other woman, then it leads to a dispute. 
  • Family issues: This is a big problem (in a joint family) associated with different causes (depending on specific circumstances). For example, interference by in-laws or by other family members in husband-wife’s personal life; family liabilities, etc. are the significant reasons. 
  • Financial problems: Financial problem is another important cause of a dispute, especially in a case, when a spouse has high expectation and high demands. 

What are the consequences of a Husband-Wife Dispute?

The consequences of a husband-wife dispute are very harsh; if it is not taken care on time, it might be ended with the divorce.

Following are the significant and harsh consequences of a husband-wife dispute:

  • Disquiet life: No peace in life.
  • Tension and frustration in life: It also hampers other works.
  • Loss of reputation in society.
  • Impact on child/children’s career.
  • Disappearance of a love and emotional attachment: It is an essential need of the later phase of life.
  • Loss of property.
  • Divorce: If a conflict crosses all the limits, it leads to divorce.

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