Terms of Uses

Terms of Uses

By surfing, accessing, and using this website, it is assumed that you have read, understood, and accepted our ‘Terms of Uses.’ Or if you do not accept our ‘Terms of Uses’ do not access or use our website or the information given on this.

Restrictions on Access & Use

Accessing or using this website is your subtle consent that you have accepted our terms of uses and you are agreed to comply our terms of uses along with the applicable law, rules, and other court orders accordingly.

The given all the content (in any form) on this website are strictly protected by applicable updated copyrights, along with other proprietary and intellectual property rights. You don’t have any authority to acquire any sorts of ownership rights of the content given on this website. 

You may read, use, share with friends, download, and take print of the publicly available content on this website (mplegalfirm.in), but only for the personal (strictly not for the commercial use) use provided:
  1. You keep intact with all copyright and proprietary notices and
  2. If you want to use the copyrighted materials given on this website other than the ‘fair use’ under the respective law, you are required to take permission directly from the copyright holder.
Further, your access to and use of our website and the published content can be terminated at any point of time without giving any such kind of notice, if you caught doing anything mentioned in the following list:

  • If you violate any copyrights, and other applicable proprietary on intellectual property rights in respect of this website.
  • If you are engaged in any data mining or data gathering and extracting tools or other methods in respect of this website.
  • If you are engaged in disassembling, reverse engineering, decompiling, selling, distributing, or reproducing the content in respect of this website.
  • If you are engaged in manipulating viruses, Trojan horses or any other harmful programs of such kind in respect of this website.
  • If you are engaged in misleading advertisement or promotional materials, ‘spam,’ or any such kind of solicitation in respect of this website.
  • If you are interfering or disrupting this website or/and attempting to circumvent the security features of this website.
  • If you are engaged in removing or modifying any copyright notice, proprietary notices, or doing anything of such kind in respect of this website.
  • If you are engaged in misrepresentation of the content/information of this website.
For your information, your access to our website may be watched and monitored, including but not limited to, for the purpose of identifying (or enquiring) the unauthorized or illegal activities. 
If you are our registered member and maintain an account on this website, you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your user ID and your password as well as you are also responsible for all those activities, which are being done through this account. However, if you find that, there is unauthorized use of your account (use of your ID and password), or any other breach of security immediately notify us.

Copyright of member’s submitted documents

Following are the important guidelines and policies for the registered members who submit their contents (textual or video or both):
  • We encourage and accept the documents (i.e. textual and/or video) submitted by our registered members. For any such kind of documents, our registered member, who has submitted the document, is responsible for all the content that he/she has submitted. 
  • We highly encourage to submit only your original content (either text or video or both), copyright or any other derogatory content is not at all acceptable.
  • Once you have published your article (text or video) by any means including on other websites, magazine, newspapers, or any such kind of publications, DO NOT submit that article at our website.
  • Once you have submitted your original content to us, it is believed that you have given us your consent to publish that on our website.
  • Once you have submitted your content (either text or video or both), you are not allowed to submit or publish that content on any other website or in any other manner (neither soft nor hard copy publication is permitted).
  • Once you have submitted your content (either text or video or both), it is website’s property and you lose the right to claim for the copyright issue. However, we publish that by your name only.