Privacy & Policy


We at Meliora Legal Center, strictly follow the guidelines in accordance with the “INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ACT, 2000” (India).

As per the guidelines, we have the strict policy to respect and protect all sorts of personal information/data of our users. This policy statement is designed purposefully to entail you about our procedure of collecting your data and how we use that.

As per the general rule, normally, we do not collect any personal information of our users when they visit our website. On the other hand, whenever any user visits our website, we do not ask for any personal data, unless our visitors choose to provide such personal data; hence, he/she can access our website without giving any information. However, some of the information including the IP addresses and all get collected in our system by default.

Personal Data that We Collect

If you visit our website, some of your data get collected by default and other that you provide by your choice. Following are the type of data that we record through our log files for the statistical purposes:

·         Your server address

·         Your geographical location

·         The time and date of your visit on our website

·         The pages you have accessed and the document/s or file that you have searched or downloaded

·         You visited through the link given on other website, the address of referring website

·         The type of browser and operating system through which you visited our website

Likewise, we do not collect any personal data that can identify you, therefore, your identity remains anonymous for us. Normally, we do not make any attempt to identify our website users and/or their browsing activities; however, in certain conditions, if it is required for the official investigation or some other security purpose, we do so.  Further, we do not disclose or share your data with any external agencies except in the case where a law enforcement agency with a warrant demands us to do so.

Collection of Personal Information

We have certain forms including the registration forms, where we ask certain personal data (such as Name, Email ID, Contact Number, etc.) to get registered with us. All these data, we collect WITH THE CONSENT of our visitors, strictly for our personal records (i.e. for statistical and development purposes only, as analysis of this information assists us to improve our website) and we do not disclose or/and share with any other agencies except in the case where a law enforcement agency with a warrant demands us to do so.

Our website ( possibly contains certain links to other websites; Meliora Legal Center is not accountable for the content and privacy practices of any those websites. Therefore, if you visit other website/s through the given link/s, you are suggested to examine each website’s privacy statements separately and then take your decision related to the reliability and authenticity and correctness of the information given there.

Security of Personal Information

The personal information that you shared with us is highly secured and protected under the confidentiality and secrecy provisions law. This law prohibits every person from accessing, using, disclosing, or sharing any personal information of any visitor/member in the possession of Meliora Legal Center except certain situation i.e. while performing the duties, which are strictly in accordance with the law.


A cookie is a small file, normally that is sent to our users’ web browsers from the web server, whenever our users access our website. The cookies are set as you visit our website and remain valid during that cession only. The cookies get stored in user’s computer’s hard drive. We use these cookies while recording our annual reports.