FAQs: Elderly People Issue

What is an Elderly People Issue?

With the increasing age, the physical capability to do daily (personal) activities keep weakening; in addition to this, the elderly people are more vulnerable and they can face health problems very easily. There are some diseases, which can be commonly seen in elderly people. 

In such a condition, elderly people are required to be given special attention and care, but there are thousands of such elderly people who are bereaved of this care. Their children do not take care; they are not given medicines, or even food. Some of the cases are extreme i.e. some children ousted their parents from the house. All these lead to severe problems with the elderly people. 

What are the problems with the Elderly People?

Elderly people’s problem can be categorized into two parts namely natural problems and deliberately imposed problems.

Natural problems are:

  • With ageing, physical capacity to work is getting weaker and weaker
  • Health problem is common in old age
  • Weak memory could be also a problem
  • Old age people normally cannot earn money

Deliberately imposed problems are:

  • Health problem: If aged people will not be given medicines and balanced food on time, then it directly affects their health. There are thousands of cases of such kind in India.
  • Financial problem: Children usually expand or take away their parents’ property, and at the old age when they are essentially required money, their children do not take care of it. 
  • Relations and emotionally bereaved: The old aged people are left alone; no one gives some time to talk with them. Many children left their parents in old age home or even on road.
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