FAQs: Employment Dispute

What is an Employment Dispute?

An employment dispute is fundamentally an official disagreement between the employer and the employee. The cause of disagreement normally is the ‘employee’s right.’ 

What are the causes of an Employment Dispute?

There could be a number of causes of an employment dispute, such as

  • Related to working hours, overtime, etc.
  • Unfair transfer 
  • Salary increment and bonus issue
  • Discrimination on the ground of sex, sexual orientation, religion, race, or disability
  • Unnecessary harassment 
  • Breach of contract
  • Issue of paid leave
  • Maternity or paternity issue
  • Unfair dismissal

What are the consequences of an Employment Dispute?

An employment dispute is such kind of issue that negatively affects both parties i.e. employee as well as employer. For example:

Consequences on employee’s 

  • Employee may lose his/her job
  • May lose his/her earned salary, bonus, or other such money
  • Loss of reputation
  • Financial crisis that may lead to family dispute
  • Loss of peace
  • Deterioration in health 

Consequence on Employer 

  • Employer may need to pay heavy fine as compensation amount 
  • May lose his/her reputation
  • May need to face a court
  • Negative impact on business
  • Negative impact on other employees

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