FAQs: Family Dispute

What is Family Dispute?

The clash or dispute because of any reason among the family members is known as a family dispute. Family dispute is a common feature of almost all the families across the world.

What are the Causes of a Family Dispute?

There could be a number of possible causes of a family dispute; however, significant of them are:

  • Communication gap or misunderstanding: If a message is not conveyed clearly, it may create questions, doubt, mistrust that may further lead to dispute. 
  • Anger or/and Revenge: If someone mistaken that need to be resolved with a family meeting; if something is going or having doubt in mind that should be cleared; and if you demand something, you should be clear. Do not keep dissension in mind because it creates the feeling of revenge.
  • Money/Property Matter: This is the most common cause of a family dispute.
  • Unemployment: If someone is capable to earn, but not earning.
  • Sibling Rivalry: If parent/s love/care more to one child and knowingly or unknowingly ignore (because of any reason) other, it may also cause family dispute. 
  • Lack of Accountability: If someone is capable to support his/her family, but he/she is ignorant about it.
  • Lack of Trust: If there is no trust among the family members, then a dispute could take place anytime. 
  • Lack of Discipline: If there is more than one heads in a family, there is always conflict of ideas that lead to family dispute.
  • Excessive interference in Parent-Child Relationships:  If parents interfere into their children’s personal life more often, it may also lead to family dispute.
  • Conflict encouraged by third Party: Sometimes, a third party foments and encourages, or conspires dispute in a family.
  • Concern for Children’s Welfare: Some parents take excessive concern for their children’s career that sometimes leads to a family dispute.
  • Unwanted Relationships: If a child establishes such kind of relationship that his or her parents do not want, it may lead to a family dispute.

What are the Types of Family Dispute?

The types of family dispute means, the family dispute that taken place between two members of a family such as:
  • Dispute between brothers
  • Dispute between father and son
  • Dispute between brother and sister 
  • Dispute between son and mother
  • Dispute between mother and daughter 
  • Dispute between husband and wife and 
  • Dispute with other close relative family members 

What legislation is required to a Family dispute?

The concept of separate Family Courts has been introduced by the Family Courts Act 1984. The purpose behind the Act was to release the burden of courts (as many cases were getting piled up in the court), to promote conciliation and mediation services, and to ensure the speedy settlement of the family disputes. In India, the family dispute matters which are dealt in a Family Court are largely matrimonial dispute and child custody. 

However, because of filing of dozens of cases every day in one family court, it is also overburdened, resultantly, justice is being delayed. Therefore, I believe, mediation is one of the best solutions for a family dispute matter. The most significant point of mediation along with time and money saving is – your privacy is maintained all the time. 

What is the Family Dispute Resolution process?

Family Dispute Resolution process is a technique designed exclusively to deal with the family dispute through conciliation and mediation. Suppose, there is a dispute in your family (dispute could be with anyone, for example, dispute between father and son, between brothers, or husband-wife dispute, etc.) and it became so severe that members in dispute left talking and even thinking about to harm each other. 

Family relationship is a relationship of blood and it is made by the god/nature, which decency and dignity should always be maintained. In such a case, left talking, getting divided, or thinking to harm each other is not at all healthy not only for the members who are involved in dispute, but rather for the whole family.  

So, our idea behind the family dispute resolution services is to reestablish humble and friendly relationship and salvage the lost dignity of the family. All we do in a safe and confidential place. Our experts provide very congenial and friendly environment that help you to open and disclose your points of dispute and differences. First, we understand the psychology of dispute of both the parties and then assist them to find a friendly, functionally, and mutually beneficial solution without going to court.

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