FAQs: Family Property Dispute

What is a Family Property Dispute?

Normally, in a joint family, the dispute on a family property is common. The family property could be anything, such as bank balance, jewelry, family businesses, house, agricultural land, commercial land, or any other sort of movable or immovable property; so, there is always possibility of dispute while sharing or dealing with these properties.

How to resolve a Family Property Dispute?

The mediation is the best solution to a family property dispute that not only provides mutually agreeable solutions, but also reestablishes the family dignity and maintains the family’s privacy.

However, in a condition, when the case of a family property dispute reached at such a level that court is the only solution, then mediation does not work for such a case. But it happens in an extreme and rare case especially when neither party attempts to find a solution rather keep fighting for a long time and/or one of the parties does something out of way i.e. some sort of crime. 

Therefore, it is suggestible that if there is a dispute in a family related to any sort of dispute, go for mediation and find a permanent solution the soonest.

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