FAQs: Online Dispute Resolution

Online Dispute Resolution 

What is an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)?

An Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is one of the advanced techniques and processes to resolve a dispute. It is an advanced form of Alternative Dispute Resolution.  ODR normally is used for the dispute arising from online transactions, such as e-commerce transaction, online payment, or any such kind of dispute involving the internet. 

The methods that ODR uses are mediation, negotiation, and arbitration. The parties in dispute can use internet for the ODR. With the help of ODR, parties (in dispute) do not need to meet or visit each other’s negotiable place physically, but rather they can use the internet (such as video conferencing or/and email) to resolve their issue. However, if possible, then parties in dispute can resolve their issue online as well as offline (meeting in person). 

In a case, parties are from different geographic regions or even different countries, then online dispute resolution is the best option.

What are the advantages of an Online Dispute Resolution?

In the present world, international trade and businesses are becoming very common and online transaction is an essential method to fulfill the requirements. In such a case, if any dispute arises (known as e-commerce dispute) between different businesses or different consumers, the Online Dispute Resolution is the best solution.

The major advantages of an Online Dispute Resolution are:

  • Cost effective: Online Dispute Resolution is much less expensive than the traditional one.
  • Time saving: You can save time.
  • No need to travel: You do not need to travel one city to other city or even one country to another country; likewise, it saves time and money that you can invest in some other places.
  • Efficiency: ODR can resolve the dispute swiftly and efficiently.
  • Participation: The parties in a dispute have the knowledge, understanding, and participation in every decision.
What are the different types of an Online Dispute Resolution?

Following are the major types and techniques of Online Dispute Resolution:
  1. Arbitration
  2. Mediation and 
  3. Negotiation

If one of the parties not happy with the final outcome of ODR, can he/she file a lawsuit?
In most of the cases, answer is ‘YES.’

Do I need to hire an attorney for an Online Dispute Resolution?

Normally, the answer is ‘NO.’