Lease & Rent Issue

Lease & Rent Issue

Lease & Rent Issue

A lease or rental agreement normally sets a few rules with the consent of respective landlord/s and tenant/s. As per the rental agreement, both the parties agree to follow the rules of the agreement and maintain their rental relationship.

So, rental agreement is a legal contract, as well as an immensely practical document carrying the crucial business details, such as:


  • How long the tenant can occupy the property;
  • How much rent would be;
  • The amount of rent due each month;
  • Time of paying the rent;
  • Limit of occupancy;
  • Terms of the tenancy;
  • Deposits and fees;
  • Repairs and maintenance of the property;
  • Restrictions on tenant’s illegal activities; and
  • Miscellaneous provisions.

Further, there are different types of property lease/rent arrangements that can be made, and different considerations accordingly that property owners and renter weigh before entering into such a contract.

However, if any of the parties, refuse to pay attention to the rules of the agreement, the dispute arises. These landlord-tenant disputes can pop up over any of the issues, such as

  • Rules of lease agreements;
  • Tenant rights;
  • Tenant’s behavior;
  • Tenant’s activity, which is not accepted by landlord;
  • Responsibility for repairs to the property;
  • Excessive and/or untimely demand of rent;
  • Eviction; etc.

If you believe that you are a victim of such kind lease and/or tenant dispute, simply Call Us or Write Us.

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