Marriage Insurance

Marriage Insurance

Insurance is a form of contractual liability that insurer pays the insured a cash benefit based on the terms of condition. But the concept of our wedding insurance or marriage insurance plan is not exactly providing monetary benefit especially when something wrong happens in married life. We do not provide any cash benefit in real sense, but rather we insure your life after marriage in the sense of totality.

In other words, it is a sort of marital agreement, which usually will be made between bride and bridegroom in reference to their lives after marriage. We also offer such agreement to already married couple.

What is Marriage Insurance?

As per our services, marriage insurance is fundamentally marriage agreement that incorporates terms and conditions (based on likeness and dislikeness of couple) to save their lives after marriage.

What is Purpose of Marriage Insurance?

In this competitive world, where all sorts of relationships are highly vulnerable, it is very difficult to protect husband-wife relationships. Especially in urban regions, both husband and wife are working and by default having lots of occupational pressure; in such a case, their marriages are not long lasting rather such couples start seeking divorce merely in very first year of their marriage.

The story does not end here rather because of such frustrating issue; they face high level of physical as well as mental harassment, financial loss, relationship loss, or even loss of Job.

Of course, our marriage insurance plan does not ensure long life of your marriage, but our wedding insurance (agreement) protects the insured couple not to face any sort of mental, physical, or financial loss or even harassment.

What are the Benefits of Marriage Insurance?

Following are the major benefits of our marriage insurance scheme:

  • Will protect you from all sorts of mental and physical harassment that you may suppose to face after marriage;
  • Will also save your money, relationships (other sorts of relationships), or/and jobs;
  • May protect you from (early) divorce;
  • Will maintain friendly relationship with your wife even after divorce (in case, divorce is inevitable);
  • Will protect you from everlasting court procedures (in case you approach court for divorce purpose);

  • It will help you to maintain healthy, romantic, and happy relationship with your spouse.

How we do it (Process)?

To do such agreement, we have experts who primarily ask couple to fill a form – this form carries certain number of multiple choice questions and after this, they meet with couple in person for personal discussion. 

Finally, based on the outcome of multiple choice questions and personal meeting, and  keep one copy with each other. 

Who are Experts?

Our experts are:
  • Lawyers,
  • Mediators, and
  • Psychologists.

Who can buy our Marriage Insurance Plan?

Our marriage insurance plan is exclusively designed for:

  • The couples who are sure that they will marry;
  • The couples whose marriage is already fixed; and
  • The couples who are already married.

What is Specialty of Marriage Insurance?

Since, this agreement is made based on the likeness and dis-likeness of couple as well as their competencies for each other; therefore, primarily it ensures long life of marriage; or in case of divorce situation, our experts assist to get it done hassle-free.

How much Marriage Insurance Costs?

Of course, there is service charge, but as such no uniform cost for everyone rather depending upon the individual’s situation, the cost incurs.

From where one can buy Marriage Insurance Plan?

Our services are available across the country; so, irrespective of your geographical location, you may contact us and depending upon your convenience, we will make our service available for you.

Why to Buy Marriage Insurance?

If you can think of your old age and buy pension plan; in spite of the fact that you will live that much of life or not; then why not, you can think of your present life. Interestingly, if you save your present life only then you can you enjoy both present and future life or else you can see the divorce rate and the kind of life most of the married couples are having especially in urban regions. I mean, life after marriage is highly vulnerable, so, to save oneself from the painful life why not to protect it in advance. 

So, if your marriage is fixed or already married, don’t hesitate to call us for marriage insurance. 

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