NRI Deserted Wife Issue

NRI Deserted Wife Issue

The list of Abandoned NRI wives is growing every day and unfortunately most of them are ending their issues unreported because of lack of information on the same. On the other hand, if an NRI deserted wife reports her issue, most of such issues are ended up unresolved because husband is NRI and respective wife has no updated contact details (of her NRI husband) – not able to serve the legal notices to such NRI husband or to take any other legal action against him.

Furthermore, as per the previous year reports -  there were 12,000 NRI abandoned women in in Gujarat (2004 report) and about 25,000 NRI deserted wives in Punjab (2007 report) and many more.

So, by understanding their problems, we have organized a special team to look after such cases. Honestly saying - we don’t guarantee that we will make available justice, but definitely strive to make available justice so that she can live her remaining life happily. 

So, if you or any of your known suffering from such life, don’t hesitate to call us or even you can email us your details.

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