How Does Depression Affect Married Life

How Does Depression Affect Married Life

Does Depression Really Affect Married Life?

Depression normally means simply being in low spirits. So, your depressed mood or situation doesn’t stop you living your normal life, but it makes most of your mundane acts harder to do and seems less worthwhile. On the other hand, at its most severe (condition), depression may be life threatening, as it can make you feel to suicide or simply give up the life and choose the death.

Let’s first understand the exact meaning of depression:

What is depression?

Depression is a mental disorder that affects the respective person and forces him/her to have depressed mood, low energy, loss of interest and pleasure, feelings of guilt, or even low self-worth, sleep disorder or loss of appetite, and inability to concentrate or focus. Moreover, anxiety is the most common symptom of depression.

Sometimes, people may temporarily lose their control on their mind and they became anxious, sad, with irritating nature, it is not mean that he/she is suffering from depression, but if such tendency persists for long, then it may be the symptoms of depression.

When does low mood become depression?

At some points of time, most of us have in low mood; resultantly, we feel sad or miserable about (future) life. However, these feelings pass in due course of time. But if such feelings persist and interfere with your personal and professional life, then it could be the sign of depression. 

How does depression affect your married life?

As discussed above, depression is a mental disorder that directly affects the brain and the thinking process of the respective person. It is obvious that the depressed person would not behave normally. In such a situation, if his/her spouse instead of understanding the mental condition of his/her spouse, gets irritated and behave rudely, or even left him/her alone, such belligerent and confrontational behaviors not only worsen the condition of his/her depressed spouse but also fatal for herself/himself. In other words, it is fatal for both (husband and wife).

Furthermore, if it is not taken care seriously, then it may lead to divorce as well. 
As depressed people do not remain in position to behave normally, in such a case, many times, it is very difficult to cope up with the (depressed) spouse.

Following are the significant abnormal behaviors of a depressed person:

1. Preferring to live alone
2. Doesn’t want to talk with anybody
3. Remains Sad
4. Doesn’t feel like involve in any sort of social activity
5. Irritating nature
6. Doesn’t reply properly; normally to even a simple question
7. Eating disorder
8. Sleeping disorder
9. Totally cut-off from family/social life, etc.

All these acts of a depressed person directly affect his/her spouse and ultimately their relationship.

Now, the question is:

How to identify that your spouse is in depression?

This is very important question that how come to know that your spouse is mentally sick? sometimes, because of work pressure, financial crisis, or because of any such reasons, person may behave aggressively, doesn’t share his/her feelings, does not reply properly, gets angry on small issue, prefers to live alone, etc., but it is not mean that he/she is suffering from depression. However, if you find drastic change in your partner’s behavior and you notice his/her same behaviors (discussed above) persist for a long time, i.e. more than two weeks – it means, he/she must be suffering from depression.

Now the another important question is -

How to cope up or handle such situation?

This is very important question that if your spouse is suffering from the mental disorder or depression, then how to keep your normal life on track?

This is very sensitive situation; therefore, in such a case:

Primarily, you need to collect all your patience and remain cool irrespective of any weird behavior of your spouse: You need to understand it that he/she is a mentally sick person.

How Does Depression Affect Married Life

Secondly, take care of your spouse sincerely and consistently: Believe me; your ignorance may further worsen his/her condition. Therefore, keep loving and caring like anything.

Thirdly, do not react in any condition: Your reaction may fatal for your spouse as well as for you so, avoid your anger. Even you are angry, but don’t show it in front of your depressed spouse.

Fourthly, consult an expert/psychologist: Counseling and psychotherapy can treat properly; therefore, consult a psychologist and get treated your spouse.

Last but not the least, until your spouse gets cured completely, do not share any shocking news or any such kind of issue that you believe may negatively affect his/her mental condition. Try to keep him/her away from all sorts of negative news, person, and situation.   

Now the last important question is -

If you are suffering from depression, then what to do to keep your married life happy?

If you are suffering from depression, it is never mean that you lost your all power to understand and analyze your reality. Until you are badly affected or on extreme condition of depression, you can very well control your mind and you can behave normally provided if you show your self-confidence and internal courage. 

Therefore, if you can control your mind and body, then you should behave normally, you should meet with the people normally, remain engaged in social life, you should avoid loneliness, you should share this problem with your spouse and find a solution together, if required, consult a psychologist and get treated.

Remember, in such a situation, if you co-operate, you will be treated properly and timely (without giving pain to your life-partner and your other family members as well). Likewise, you can keep your married life happy even in an adverse situation, but if you would not co-operate, then it is very difficult to get treated properly and maintain a happy married life.